Vortex Cloud Gaming: Review, Subscription, Trial and Account In 2021

Due to the advancement in technology, people are getting smarter. They are adopting technology to make their lives modern. Many people are fond of playing games and are always in search of some platform that allows playing games more efficiently.

Vortex Cloud Gaming is one of the gaming services that make it easy to play games because you do not need to wait for a long time to install the games as well as update them after some time. It definitely sounds interesting.

This article will cover all about Vortex Cloud Gaming from its basics to features and cost of the subscription. If you are a person who loves to play games then keep reading this article, as it will be very beneficial for you.


What is Vortex Cloud Gaming?

If you talk simply about “vortex” then it is meant by a group of people who love to play computer games. It is mostly found in cloud gaming services. So Vortex Cloud Gaming is a gaming service that gives an easy and inexpensive way to play games.

It is accessible due to its low price. There is no need to download heavy games on your PC or buy some higher-capacity hard disk PCs to play such games.

It supports android and consists of a large game library that is stored on its servers.

You just need to connect your device to its servers and then the door of entertainment is open to you.

Even though it is affordable and easy to use, it still has some flaws because it is in infancy yet and a lot more enhancements are required in the field.

Purpose of Vortex Cloud Gaming

The main object of Vortex Cloud Gaming service is to give such an extraordinary experience to the users that they can play high-end graphics games with no disturbance.

There is no need to have a powerful PC to play games as you can play games on your tablet or mobile by virtually connecting to the servers of Vortex Cloud Gaming.

System Requirements for Vortex Cloud Gaming

As told you there is no need to have a high-end system to play games on Vortex Cloud Gaming. But it still has some requirements that are a must to play your favorite games.

  • It can run on windows 7, 8 and 10
  • The minimum RAM of the device should be 4GB
  • It can run on android versions above 5.0
  • The processor should be a minimum of Intel i3
  • An internet connection minimum of 5mbps

Why Vortex is best for Cloud gaming ?

Vortex is not on the top of cloud gaming services but it is found in the top five cloud gaming services. It has several features that are as follows.

1.Ease for Use

It is very easy to sign-in to Vortex Cloud Gaming. You can sign-in through multiple points. You can sign-in with one click. All you need is to give your email address and then set a password for it. Now you are open to the platform and can choose your plan.

Vortex only offers a monthly plan so you have to choose according to your requirements. After that, you should enter your billing info and click on the option “pay now”. After the click, you will have access to plenty of thrilling games. You can browse your favorite games here.

2.Play Your Game Library without an Internet Connection


Another good factor about Vortex Cloud Gaming is that if you have no internet connection at some time, you can still play the games which you have downloaded on your mobile, tablet, or PC.

You only need to have a license to play that game. But to play any game from the Vortex library, you have to build a strong internet connection.


As mentioned above, there are many games available at the Vortex library, so what to do to have easy access to the game you like each time you sign in to your Vortex Account? There is an easy solution to this problem on Vortex.

You can mark the game you like as starred or favorite. In this way, you will get that game on the top of the screen each time you log in to Vortex.

4.No Need for installation and Updates

When you download a game on your mobile, it takes some time to start and even needs updates after some days.

It can be a very annoying thing. But when you make a subscription on Vortex Cloud Gaming then there is no need to wait for installation and updates. All the entertainment is just one click away from you.

5.No Need for Powerful PC

Another plus point about Vortex Cloud Gaming is that there is no need for higher-capacity devices to play games like Witcher 3.

Vortex stores all the games on its servers, the user only needs to sign in and start playing their favorite games. You will exclusively connect to virtual machines.

You can play the games on your mobile phone or your PC. You can switch between desktop and phone mode when needed.

6.Low Cost

The price of the subscription of Vortex Cloud Gaming is low that is why everyone can have easy access to it. It offers a Monthly subscription which starts from $10 only.

It has three different packages that are “basic”, “pro” and “ultra”. Basic is for$9.99, pro is for$19.99 and Ultra is for$29.99. You can check the list of the games that you will get in each plan before purchasing any package.

There is no free trial on Vortex Cloud Gaming.


Vortex Cloud Gaming recommends having an Internet connection with 10mbps speed with no application running. Its download rate is 54.6 Mbps and its upload rate is 10.45 Mbps.

But it does not start games quickly; it takes few seconds that can be annoying. You can easily play a game with 720p resolution but it can be muddy if the resolution is above. Vortex also falls in terms of precision.

The mouse starts getting slow and a noticeable time is needed to register keystrokes. But on the Android applications, Vortex Cloud Gaming shows its best features.


Vortex Cloud Gaming is one of the gaming services that have 15 data centers around the world. It means it is a big cloud gaming service.

9.Supported Games

Vortex Cloud Gaming can enable you to play all the games including high-end graphics games. You can play games like Fortnite, GTA 5 and resident evil, etc. You can also play new games on it. However, it needs more improvement in the field.

Final Verdict

Vortex Cloud Gaming gives a great worth to you worth a small payment every month. It makes you able to play games everywhere while traveling or on a trip. It has a big circle around the globe.

You do not need to buy a heavy PC to play high-graphics games because you can play them on your mobile by paying a small amount. However, there awesome flaws regarding performance and coverage that need to be addressed.

It has been predicted that in the near future Vortex Cloud Gaming will come with more efficient features.

Hopefully, the article will be valuable for you if you a gaming freak or likes to stay up to date.

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