Conor McGregor Net Worth : Career, Biography, Family

Conor McGregor is popularly known as “The Notorious One” in the UFC. He is believed to be one of the best and successful martial artists in the entire history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  The birth place of Conor McGregor is Dublin, Ireland. His parents were Tony and Margaret McGregor. He also has two sisters, namely, Aoife and Erin McGregor and both of them are singers. Conor started taking interest in football and boxing at a very tender age.

Initially, he started his career as an apprentice in plumbing. He was a part of the Lourdes Celtic Football Club in his childhood. Tom Egan was the man who brought Conor McGregor into the fight world.

He fought his first fight in Ireland at an event called Ring of Truth promotion. There he won the CWFC Light weight and feather weight championship titles.

Dana White, who is the current president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was approached in Dublin to sign Conor McGregor and after that, he actually signed Conor.

Conor McGregor Career

He is considered as one of the most successful fighters in the entire UFC history. He also holds the record for the quickest victory in a fight related to an UFC title. Conor registered a win over another fighter, Jose Aldo under thirteen seconds in the first round itself by knockout at the UFC 194. Conor McGregor won the UFC Lightweight championship by defeating Eddie Alvarez in the UFC 205.

He was also the first UFC fighter to win the first two division championships in the whole promotion history. If we talk about the pay-per-view buys, Conor’s fight is still the biggest in history which he fought in UFC 229.

You may often wonder about the height and weight of Conor McGregor. Let us tell you about the height and weight of “The Notorious”. His height is about 5 ft 9 inches and he weighs around 168 lbs or approx. 76.2 kilograms.

Conor McGregor fight with Mayweather

Conor fought a match with the great Floyd Mayweather which is considered as one of the biggest fights in the UFC history till date. Although, McGregor was defeated by Floyd Mayweather in this fight. But this fight recorded the second biggest number in the North America in terms of pay-per-view buys with a huge amount of 4.3 million buys.

Conor McGregor Relationship

Conor McGregor was in a relationship with his girlfriend and wife Dee Devlin since the year 2008. They got engaged lately in the month of August, 2020. Conor has a son born with her better half on May 5, 2017 whose name is Conor Jack McGregor, Jr. He also has a daughter whose name is Croia McGregor and she was born on 2nd January, 2019.

Conor McGregor Net worth

Many of you are super excited to know about Conor McGregor Net worth. So now let us tell you that the estimated net worth of Conor McGregor is a whooping $200 million. He is also the world’s highest paying athlete in 2021 as per the list published by the Forbes.

 According to reports, he has also renewed his sponsorship with Reebok in 2018 which pays him around $5 million annually. He also has a large number of promotional deals with big companies like Monster Energy, Burger King, Electronic Arts (EA), Reebok etc. He also owns a whiskey brand named as Proper Twelve which has reportedly generated $40 million in the previous financial year.

He also owns a sports management company namely, McGregor sports and entertainment which generates revenue through promotion deals and other advertising activities.

According to sources, he owns a splendid villa which is just some steps away from the football star Cristiano Ronaldo’s villa in Marbella in Spain. He also owns several mansions and one of them is situated in Dublin, Ireland, whose name is Mac Mansion which is priced at a huge amount of $2 million.

Conor is well-known for his luxurious and lavish lifestyle which he owns. He has a number of premium brand cars which includes the Rolls Royce Ghost, The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, BMW i8 etc.

He also does some charity by donating a handsome amount of money to organizations which includes the Children’s Medical Research Foundation, Focus Ireland, Tunnel To Towers B and many others also.

Conor McGregor social media

Conor’s fans would be very curious to know about his social media handles and his follower’s count. Conor McGregor stepped into the world of social media with joining twitter in the month of September, 2011. His Instagram account username is @thenotoriousmma where he has gained more than a massive number of 42.5 million followers as of October 2021. His wife ais also active on the Instagram with the username @deedevlin1 where Conor also appears frequently. His wife also has a huge 1.8 million followers on her Instagram account. Apart from this, Conor McGregor also has more than 14 million followers on his Facebook page as well.

Conor McGregor controversies

He was reportedly fined for a total of five times between 2017 and 2018 for the offence of Dashing. He also broke down a person’s Mobile phone for which he was arrested in March, 2019. After this, he was released after paying a bail of $5000 for this offence. He was also fined for an amount of $1000 and assault charges due to a video in which he was allegedly punching someone in a Pub based in Dublin.


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